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Welcome to the North Carolina eChild Support Case Account Web Site. The information contained in this site is confidential and can only be accessed by registration, using proper identification.

This site is
best viewed in Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator Version 4.0 or higher.

Your First Visit? Click "User Login" to register.
Already Registered? Click "User Login" and follow instructions.
Forgot your password? Click here to go to user profile information. You will be asked to provide the answer to your password hint question. Once you supply the correct answer, we will e-mail you your password shortly. If you can't remember the answer, you will need to contact the Customer Service Center.
Having trouble registering? Did you use the correct Social Security number? Format for the SSN must be 444-33-9888 or 444339888.

Did you use the correct Date of Birth? Format for DOB must be mm/dd/yyyy, mmddyyyy or mm-dd-yyyy.

Do you know your child support MPI (Master Participant Index) number? The MPI cannot be greater than 10 digits. If you do not know your MPI number, you can register using your Social Security Number and Date of Birth.

Your full name and address is required to register.

You must enter a password 5 to 10 characters long. The characters can be alpha or numeric. Password, User ID and password hint answer are all case sensitive. Make sure your CAPS LOCK Key is set correctly.
Did your login attempt fail? If you have tried all the steps above and your login still fails, you need to contact our Customer Service Center.
Didn't receive an e-mail confirming your registration? Login and check the e-mail address you provided for contact information. If we do not have a valid e-mail address, we cannot send you requested information such as payment records.
Case Information Accurate? If your case information is not correct, or you need information not provided on this web site, please contact our Customer Service Center or your Local Child Support Agent.

Note: Only payment information is available for child support cases handled by the clerk of court. Please contact your County Clerk of Court Office for other information or to make changes to your case.
Payment Information Questions? Payment information displayed on this web site is based on the information that was available at 5:00 PM on the previous business day. If you have additional questions about payments, please contact our Customer Service Center or your Local Child Support Agent.
Need An Email Address?

If you do not have an email address, free email accounts are available on the internet. To find one, use any search engine and search for "free email".